June 29 – Reflection

I learned many lessons from these three weeks in multimedia. The first one for me was that it’s not easy. Photography and journalism has a stigma of being really easy but is really hard. Another important lesson was to make sure I turned on my airplane mode when we don’t have service so that my […]

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June 28 – Generation Like

               Today we watched a video called Generation Like. It an interesting video about media literacy and media’s effect on teens. There point was that online advertising is bad because teens cant tell when they’re being used and manipulated by the media. What spoke to me most was when […]

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June 22 – Conservatory

Today we went to the conservatory. It was kind of crazy how good the lighting was. I felt that I couldn’t improve most of my pictures with editing if I wanted to. I loved seeing all the vibrant colors and greenery. My favorite thing though was the succulents. It was a lot of fun finding […]

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June 25 – Snowy Range

Today we went to the Snowys. I loved taking pictures of the water falls as well as the flowers and mountains. I loved walking around and climbing all over the place to take pictures. In my oppinion none of these pictures need editing but its still really fun to play with the different editing aspects. […]

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June 14, 2018- Vedauwoo

Today we went to Vedauwoo. I’ve never been there before so it was super cool to see everything. To me the coolest part was getting to see a chipmunk for the first time ever. I loved taking pictures of the flowers most. The hiking we did was super fun and I loved looking at all […]

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Just the Begining

I’m just a small town girl from Wheatland Wyoming. Naturally I wasn’t expecting to make it to the High School Institute here at the University. Luckily for me, essays are kind of my thing. I have always worked hard to make myself a prime canidate to attend UW. Participating in HSI will help me to […]

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